Workshops and impact


Workshops have proved to be an effective instrument in changing the thought process of girls and women towards self-reliance, gender equality, education, and health, which has resulted in diffident, fearful women with low self-esteem becoming confident and self-reliant. The topics on which workshops are held range from gender discrimination, education, life skills, domestic violence, preventive health care, population control, female infanticide and foeticide, time management, digital and financial literacy. Unlike in Jagriti Mandali meetings these workshops are conducted by experienced consultants. To upgrade their literacy skills adult education centres are opened.

As a result of the multipronged approach that VRCT has adopted, there has been a very positive impact on women and girls. Their outlook towards important issues affecting their lives has changed. Women now access health facilities, open bank accounts, and attend PTM meetings. They do not hesitate to take decisions affecting their and their children’s lives. They have found a voice to oppose early child marriage and resist domestic violence. They encourage their daughters to study and render support to fulfill their aspirations. They now welcome the birth of a girl child and celebrate by singing songs and give shagun to the newborn. There has been a distinct improvement in the health and hygiene of girls and women.


In the social development sector constant training of senior staff members and field staff is of utmost importance as motivation levels tend to dip. Training is imparted by chairperson and experts. On the job training to the field staff is given by senior staff members.

Monitoring and evaluation and taking feedback

In-house monitoring is a regular feature. Proper documents and records are maintained of all activities and at all levels. Feed back is taken from beneficiaries, teachers, school principals, parents and staff. Brainstorming sessions with experts are held to evaluate the work done on the basis of which sometimes new activities are taken up.