Economic Support


VRCT undertakes capacity building activities to instil confidence into disempowered women in order that they become emotionally and mentally strong after which they are encouraged to become economically self reliant. When a woman starts earning she not only gains confidence but views herself with respect and starts valuing herself. When she contributes to the household income her status in the family improves. VRCT identifies the inherent talents of these women and encourage them to use their skills for generating income. Some women embroidered hand towels and sold them in the Malls and exhibitions. Others made cloth bags and still others sold crochet items. They were given guidance for designs and also explained the importance of quality control and how to price and market their products.

To enable women to set up their own income-generating projects, VRCT provides small interest-free loans which the women have used for setting up grocery shops, fruit and vegetable shops and also sell these products as hawkers. Besides, some have used these loans for tailoring, beauty parlours, selling utensils, and ready-made clothes. There has been a spin-off effect of these activities and more women are inspired for taking up work and becoming economically self-reliant.